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Profile Information

If you need to change any information in your profile, you can do this by clicking “User Profile” next to your name at the top of the screen when you are in the system. You are responsible for your own profile. It might be a good idea to temporarily remove your email address if you know that you will be out of town for a long period of time and don’t want emails. If you can’t remember your password, click Forgot your password at the Log In page, and it will be emailed to you.


Email addresses are provided for ease of initiating challenges and contact between opponents. Sometimes “blanket” emails are helpful if you want to find out specific locations or playtime preference. In this case, you can click on “email all contestants” and send an email yourself. Please identify your division, as many play in multiple divisions.  Email addresses are provided only for ladder play. The Proposal function may be more helpful to find matches. The "email all contestants" feature is unavailable at this time.

Season Start Date

Everyone will be ranked #1 starting from the same position. You can begin play as soon as the ladders are out.

Challenging a Player

There are many ways to initiate a challenge. Once you click on your division, you will see the ranking list (ladder) which will include one phone number and by clicking on a player, you can email that player (or obtain the email address).  There is a challenge button next to the players’ names. If you click on that button, it will send an email to that individual player stating your direct challenge. The easiest and most used way of challenging a player is using the Proposal function – see below.


If you have a certain day/time you wish to play, click on “Propose Match” (right above the ladder), enter the date, time and location, and click “Propose”. That will send an email to all players on the ladder. If you receive this message, and you would like to accept this proposal, go into the system, click on the “Proposals” page, and then click “accept”. That way everyone in the division can see that this match was accepted. Emails will be sent anytime anyone uses this function, but you can disable this function by checking the “No proposal emails” box in your profile. You would then use the proposal board only to check and accept matches. If you make a proposal, you will receive an email when it is accepted.


It is very important to enter the Proposal day/time accurately. Here is an example of what you should type if you would like to play on March 16 at 9:00am:

3/16 9:00am 

The year is optional. Do not use commas, periods, @ sign, brackets, or parentheses. If no time is specified or entered incorrectly, the system will default to 12:00am. 

Being Challenged

If you receive an email saying, “you have been challenged to a match”, you can click on the link in the email to accept or reject the challenge. You can find these challenges in the system under the “Challenges” page. If you “accept” (or “reject”) the match, an email will be sent to your opponent that you have accepted (or rejected). It is up to your opponent then to contact you about a time and place. This function is not used frequently since the Proposal function is more beneficial.

Entering Match Scores

By choosing “Accept” for the challenge or the Proposal, it will automatically place that pending match in the “Matches” page. When you complete your match, go to the “Matches” page and click on a player in that pending match to enter your scores. If you did not set up the match through the system, there will be no pending match, so you can click on “Add Match” and enter the information. If match scores are wrong, you can go into the match to make the change. If there are duplicate matches, you can delete one.

When viewing match scores, you will need to enter the week it was either challenged or played, but sometimes it’s easiest to just select “all” weeks for a particular player. The easiest way to see all of the matches you have played is to click on “All Mine” at the top of the Matches page. You can also click on “recently played matches” to see all the matches played recently. If you played a 10 point tiebreaker for the match, please enter that set as “1-0”, NOT the actual point score in the tiebreak.

Defaults (Forfeits)

The Default box is checked when there is a “no show” or someone cancels the same day of play. Enter the scores 6-0, 6-0 and check the box. Total number of points a player can receive when receiving a default is 20 points. If you get injured or retire during a match and cannot complete the match, your opponent will complete the score by “winning” the rest of the match. Do NOT check the default box in this scenario.

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